A load haul dump truck equipped with Bridgestone off-the-road tyres

Meie suurepärase lõikekahjustusekindluse, stabiilsuse ja veojõuga kujundatud LHD-laadurite rehvid on teie maa-aluse töö tõhusaks muutmisel otsustava tähtsusega.

  • Extra deep tread designed for severe rocky surfaces. It offers good traction and stability, very high resistance to cutting.
    • Specially designed for straddle carriers and container stackers.
    • Exceptional life and superior cut esistance.
    • Low negative ratio of this pattern provides a strong resistance to irregular wear.
    • Especially designed for container handling equipment.
    • Safe and stable operations due to its newly developed all steel radial casing.
    • Unique pattern is designed for longer tread life by preventing irregular wear.
        • Extra deep (L5) rigid pattern for the most extreme operations.
        • Ideal for mining, quarrying and recycling operations.
        • The high-volume, long-life tread and superior construction result in superior cut resistance and long tyre-life.
        • Extra deep tyre, excellent for most severe quarry face operations.
        • High traction level even when it is 75% worn.
        • Reduce tread and sidewall cuts, resulting in a longer tyre life.
        • Smooth extra deep tread tyre (L5S) designed for operations on severe rocky surfaces and in underground mines, open pits and quarries.
        • Special compound ensures a maximum resistance to cutting and wearing.
        • Designed for underground mining, also suitable for wheel loaders working in open pits and quarries.
        • Rock pattern design offers outstanding traction, stability and comfort.
        • Sidewall protectors reduce cuts and other damages.
        • Deep tread tyre suitable for tough quarry, mining or handling sites.
        • Optimum traction without compromising the tread life and the riding comfort.